The Mission

Mission Statement

David’s mission is to help fulfill and accelerate his cousin Prince’s scientific activism of employing over 75,000 tech jobs to disadvantaged students of color by providing in depth scientific knowledge, skills, and networking.

Helping Others

Provide an opportunity to people of color by leading and mentoring through technological and cultural entrepreneurship.

Protecting Legacy

Protect the legacy of the Prince Estate through connecting organizations and businesses.

Living Green

Initiate and lead the opportunities in the economy to solve the plastic pollution and environmental crisis facing humanity to help live a greener future.

David has studied engineering and business so he understands the learning curves that need to be overcome in order to succeed in a technologically developing world with confidence. This is a cultural mission to help guide and motivate underprivileged kids to pursue careers in technology to help black communities. Financial literacy is important because it gives people the confidence to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources choices. The world is based on International trade and being able to participate through a technical or business standpoint is a positive contribution to humanity. Making a connection between these two subjects is an important element to success.

Accelerating the Future

Children from disadvantaged families may never have the opportunity to truly test their scientific skills and knowledge. Many experts believe the digital and knowledge divide will leave many people without the technical skills needed to thrive.  Accelerating the growth and development of cultural, financial, and Socio-demographic access will help the global digital divide.